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“If you are in need of a website without having to understand how to put them together, create backups and maintenance then I can offer a really simple and friendly  service. I am here to assist and help with your site and can provide you with a very simple way to update your content whenever you want. I know how annoying it is to not have the support you need, not to be able to update and change your information content when you need.”. – Corin Dingley

Websites work best when used along with professional email marketing, mailing lists and google advertising with search engines all which I offer with my sites.

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We do not charge for your site until it is live but we do charge a small fee to register the domain name (  of 20€.  For example a site for a holiday home with booking forms etc can be setup from just €9 per month. Send a professional email from just €20 to your contacts.


Please contact me below and I can then discuss your project in detail.